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Debian with S/PDIF Toslink digital audio input on the Apple G5-PowerPC MacPro

Has anybody used the S/PDIF Toslink inputs on the Apple G5-PowerPC MacPro hardware?

Does it work?

Are there any secrets I should know before I start?

I volunteer at a community radio station. They would like to record and archive the digital audio stream just before it goes out on the air. We've been told that JACK and Rotter are ideal for the purpose.

Budget is very tight, so we'd like to use an early-2005/late-2004 MacPro G5 PowerPC machine someone contributed rather than purchase something new. The G5 has a Toslink connector on the back, but I don't know which driver modules we will have to load to get it working.

All advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance,


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