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Re: Choice of Desktop environment at install time using netinst CD.

On Feb 27, 2013, at 3:25 AM, Steven Chamberlain wrote:

On 27/02/13 06:04, Rick Thomas wrote:
Is it as simple as appending something like "desktop=xfce" to the boot
command line?

Actually yes, that should work;  the install media for GNU/Hurd and
kFreeBSD are doing exactly this.

So I tried it. And it works.

Here's my proposed patch -- Add the following to /install/boot.msg :

The following desktop environments are available: gnome, kde, xfce and lxde. The default is gnome. If you prefer a different one, append "desktop=<your choice>". E.g. to do an expert install with the xfce desktop environment, type
"expert desktop=xfce" at the "boot:" prompt.

Would it help if I submit a wishlist bug report?



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