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Re: No sound on iBook G4

2013/2/11, Antonis Christofides <antonis@wikical.com>:
> On 2013-02-11 17:33, someone wrote:
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Why_do_I_have_no_sound.3F
This gives a hint about where it all started. Powermac G4 Digital
Audio is a special case. In general, older PPC Macs use snd-powermac
and newer snd-aoa.

Newer machines have something called layout-id in their device-tree.
This is where snd-powermac sets its limit, and it actually writes this
to dmesg.

snd-aoa contains a list of machines based on layout-id or device-id,
and pretends to support Powermac G4 Digital Audio among others, but
seems to fail in this. At least snd-powermac does it better. There are
two other machines identified by their device-id, all the rest have a

Debian Installer tries to make a decision between the two drivers,
and, either manually load snd-powermac and blacklist snd-aoa, or do

> Should I file a bug or add this information to bug #650588? How can I
> find the exact version of my iBook G4? All I know is it's one of the
> latest ones.
Add it. Device-tree is a good source of such information:
cat /proc/device-tree/machine
cat /proc/device-tree/model
find /proc/device-tree -name layout-id
find /proc/device-tree -name device-id
grep machine /proc/cpuinfo


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