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Can't Install XORG?

	I put 6.0.6 on my old G4 this morning, but couldn't get it past the command line.

apt-get install x-window-system-core

	Strangely enough, this basic package failed to install due to many missing dependencies [I've included just a few of the lines of output].

Xorg : Depends: xserver-xorg but it is not going to be installed
      Depends: libgl1-mesa-dri but it is not installable

	I did note an oddity during the install script: it offered me to choose a mirror, i chose one, and then it informed me that the selected mirror didn't support PPC.  <So WHY was it part of the install script on a PPC disc?>  Anyway, i no longer remember exactly which mirror i picked.  Furthermore i tried to cancel mirror selection at that point, but i'm not sure if that is what happened.  I suppose i could just wipe this thing out and starting from scratch, but for the moment i'm going to try to use this as a learning experience.  

1) What terminal command do i use to determine if my dependency problem is due to the mirror situation?

2) What mirror should have chosen anyway?

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