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Open Firmware and External 2TB HDD

Hello there,

I have been struggling to boot Debian-PPC from a new 2TB Baracuda HDD with
a Seagate GoFlex controller... FOR DAYS!

I am using a Powerbook G4 with OSX 10.3.4

The details:

When I boot off a Live Ubuntu CD I am able to see and mount the external
hard drive (/dev/sdb). The disk partitions look like... 1.Disk Map
2.Apple_Bootstrap 3.ext4 4.swap

So I run the ybin on /dev/sdb2 (the apple_bootstrap partition) from the
Ubuntu live bootable... Everything goes well, blessed with holy penguin
pee, etc....

When I give the cmd+opt+o+f command on start up to load the Open Firmware
interface problems happen. I try the 'dev / ls' command for the device
tree. The external hard drive does not show up under any of the usb tree
members. However, Open Firmware is able to "see" my 2GB thumb drive on the
device tree just fine.

When I boot to OSX I am able to see the external peachy with pdisk -L (it
comes in as /dev/rdisk1 and all 4 partitions are present).

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much, bfb

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