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Re: PowerPC Debian install on IBM 43P boot problems...

There are exactly 2 options:

1) SE (single ended) disks sometimes include active terminator in disk. for example Seagate Cheetah 4.5 Gb disk. just put jumper on TP on last disk in chain.

2) LVD (low voltage differential) disks never include terminator. (at least i had not seen any).
You need external active terminator (looks like dongle) at end of bus.
This also means, that you need cable with at least 4 connectors.

SCSI CDROM can be SE device probably. Check if that one has TP jumper.

If controller is SE type, you can mix SE / LVD devices, they should work.

If possible, try to remove some disks, and leave only one. Sometimes bad electronics on one drive can break whole SCSI chain.


On 08/28/2012 05:05 PM, Bruno Gallichand wrote:



  Thanks for your reply.   Even though the SCSI disk partitioning went perfect and all partitions are fully initialized, and the base Woody (3.0) is installed, I still get this forever reported message at boot time:


SCSI host 0   abort   (pid 0)  timed out – resetting

SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0

Ncr53c8xx_reset : pid = 0  reset_flags = 2  serial_number=(increasing numbers)   serial_number_at_timeout= (increasing numbers)


I have three disks (9 gig, 9gig, 17 gig) and a CDROM.  No external SCSI bus terminator is being used.  Should I add one?


  Thanks, and kind regards,

  B. Gallichand


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i have a RS/6000 (43P) 7248 running etch [4.0] (kernel 2.6.18)

upgraded from 3.0.

there was a install for the 7248 in the debian site..using 3.0

no scsi problems on the install and it is still working o.k.


what is the error message??




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Subject: PowerPC Debian install on IBM 43P boot problems...


Dear all,


  I`m trying to revive an old IBM 43P for a customer into using it with Debian 3.0 (that`s the only version I was able to get bootable floppy images).


  After the successful partionning and installation of the base OS, during boot, it is stuck displaying infinite messages about the SCSI Controller 0, trying to reset it, and never ends.


  Has anyone been successful in such an installation on an old IBM 43P?




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