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Re: Question for you about IMAC and 5.05 CD iso..

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 12:15 PM, P.Carter <zanga2011@zoho.com> wrote:
 I have tried 6.05 however it ran very slow it was
> crawling.  And firefox was super slow...
> Imac specs:
> 333-400 mhz  128mb ram  rage 128 video cards,
> 6gb harddrive. slot loader.

It sounds like your problem is the very small RAM on this machine.
Fortunately, you can upgrade it to 512MB (or even 1GB) for less than
$50.  512MB is more than enough to run Debian Squeeze or Wheezy.  I
have a 300MHz blue&white tower with 512MB running Squeeze (6.0.5) that
I'm very happy with.

See the "everymac" web page at
for details.

Check back if you need help with any part of this.



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