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Re: PowerPC install stuck at dmesg

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 12:06:09AM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> First: try sending this to the "debian-powerpc" list.  You may get
> more answers there...
> Second: I have a couple of G4 tower machines that work just fine,
> but unfortunately I don't have any powerbooks to try, so I can't be
> of direct help to you.  However, the answers to a few questions may
> make it easier to diagnose your problem.
> 1) What netinst image did you download?  Can you supply the URL and
> time/date of the .iso?  One way to get this: Mount the CD (on /mnt,
> for example) and look in the file /mnt/.disk/info.  It will give
> your enough to uniquely identify the version, time and date of
> creation of the .iso .
> 2) I doubt what you're seeing is just dmesg output.  Certainly, on
> my tower machines, it's the real console output -- at least up to
> the stage you are talking about as it hangs.
> 3) To switch virtual consoles, try various combinations of <fn>
> <alt> and the F# keys for #=[1..4] .  If that doesn't work, add the
> <ctl>, <shift> and <cmd/apple> keys into the mix in that order.
> 4) Try an external USB keyboard.
> Hope this helps!

Might be worth trying 'video=ofonly' as a yaboot kernel option to see if
that avoids video issues.  I have had to do that on some powerpc systems.

Maybe it needs non-free firmware to properly use the video chip, which
could then be handled after the install.

Len Sorensen

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