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Re: Help! Install problem; simple solution?

On 28/06/12 06:15, deleteme wrote:
Just installed Squeeze (debian-6.0.4-powerpc-netinst.iso) on a working New World iBook G3, and everything went smoothly until the first boot up of the new system. After displaying the typical sequence of line-by-line boot progress, the log-in screen was presented to me in a completely jumbled fashion. It is unreadable, though presumably it is asking for my username and password. No hardware problem is suspected.

Now I'm stuck because I can't ascertain what the problem is, and I won't be able to use any advice like "type this, click that, execute such-and-such." Probably everything is working except this screen glitch. What happened? What can I do? Is there a known fix without a lot of "try this, try that" guesswork?


Sounds as though you've the wrong keymap.  Normally you would need to do as root:
# dpkg-reconfigure console-data

If you have another machine, the easiest way to fix this is to ssh into the iBook.  However, if you don't have another machine or ssh installed it's a hit and miss, trial and error process to fix it.


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