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Re: RFH: ftbfs on powerpc: /usr/bin/make Makefile:190: *** missing separator

This one time, at band camp, Guo Yixuan said:
> This line could be the reason, it's generated by this line in
> configure script: FULLNAME=`grep ^${LOGNAME}: /etc/passwd | awk -F:
> '{print $5}'`
> if that introduce an newline in FULLNAME, make will complain. So
> please have a check on /etc/passwd of praetorius, thanks.

Your username will not appear in /etc/passwd on debian systems.  This is
probably a silly thing to do in a build system, given how many backends
nss and pam have.

Also, this has nothing to do with debian-admin - you can look at
/etc/passwd on any debian.org host to confirm.

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