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Re: hppa, powerpcspe: call for klibc/mksh testers

Kyle Moffett dixit:

>Additionally, even FreeScale appears to be abandoning the e500v2
>hardware; all of their new chipset families are e500mc (32-bit) or
>e5500 (64-bit), both of which return to classic PowerPC FPU and can
>run normal "powerpc" Debian.
>So if nobody is maintaining it anymore, perhaps the best thing to do
>really is to kill it off quickly?

Hm. Either that, or someone needs to have interest in this. How large
is the base of existing machines with powerpcspe? If it’s not much,
unlike say m68k with a real load of existing old hardware, maybe.
In which case you’d probably best contact Aurélien so d-p.org can save
processing ressources (it’s becoming slower and slower recently).

>I wish things had turned out better for that, but on the other hand I
>also wish I hadn't had to sink quite so much of my life into working
>around FreeScale's braindead FPU design too, so...

Don’t we all? In the end, if’s still a learning experience and fun.

Solange man keine schmutzigen Tricks macht, und ich meine *wirklich*
schmutzige Tricks, wie bei einer doppelt verketteten Liste beide
Pointer XORen und in nur einem Word speichern, funktioniert Boehm ganz
hervorragend.		-- Andreas Bogk über boehm-gc in d.a.s.r

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