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New Article: 'The Art of the Exegesis' By Danny Butt

Title: New Article: 'The Art of the Exegesis' By Danny Butt
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Image: Laurentius De Voltolina, Lecturing in a Medieval University, 14th Century

The Art of the Exegesis

By Danny Butt

With art schools' integration into the university system, artists are required to present their work as written ‘exegesis’. Here, Danny Butt traces exegesis back to its origins as a form of knowledge production and considers its limiting effect on art’s own power of revelation.  

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Mute Vol3#2 - Politics My Arse
Winter 2011 / Spring 2012

Responding to the state of generalised anxiety, struggles in Greece, the Arab spring, student protests, riots in the UK and much more, this issue poses the question of how we can contend with a picture as complex and fast moving as that of these extraordinary times

Issue 2 includes: cover art by Johnny Spencer * Alberto Toscano on logistics and anarchism * Gail Day on postmodernism at the V&A * Brian Ashton zooms in on RFID * Mark Neocleous on generalised anxiety * Benjamin Noys on spaghetti communism * Howard Slater on the August riots * Mme Tlank and Mira Mattar on motherly love, care and capital * Stefan Szczelkun on Gregory Sholette's book, Dark Matter * Anustup Basu on the Arab Spring * Sander on why China won't save capitalism

Anomie/Bonhomie & Other Writings
By Howard Slater

In this collection of writings, Howard Slater improvises around what Walter Benjamin could have meant by the phrase 'affective classes'. This 'messianic shard' and its possible implications leads Slater to develop a therapeutic micro-politics by way of a mourning for the Workers' Movement and a grappling with the 'becomings of capital'.

The essay 'Anomie/Bonhomie' is the keystone of this book which also features tributary texts and poems drawn from the past ten years. These supplementary texts approach such themes as exodus, species-being, surrealist precedents, poetic language and the possibilities for collective 'affective' practices to combat capitalism's colonisation of the psyche.

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