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__builtin___clear_cache(): porterbox/buildd binary incompatibility?

Greetings!  I suspect that the cache flushing instructions supplied by


is suited for some ppc machines, such as partch.debian.org, but not for
some buildd machines, such as porpora or poulenc.

Is this possible?  I have no access to any other ppc machine than partch
on which to check this.  partch builds axiom fine, but


>compiling EAB.spad to EAB.nrlib
bash: line 5:  8783 Done                    echo ")co EAB.spad"
      8784 Illegal instruction     | /build/buildd-axiom_20120301-2-powerpc-kIEkis/axiom-20120301/obj/linux/bin/interpsys > /build/buildd-axiom_20120301-2-powerpc-kIEkis/axiom-20120301/obj/tmp/trace

Any help most appreciated.
Camm Maguire			     		    camm@maguirefamily.org
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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