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Re: Howto for md(raid 1) on PPC ?

booting linux on PPC in any other than default scenario is a bit tricky. It is possible to have separate /boot and it is possible to have it on mirrored disk (or have whole / partition inside the mirror). yaboot would not care of the mirror, so you have to configure it to use a physical drive's partition. But, all these things are tricky and I would recommend to spend those few hours of bad guesses to be able to deal with any trouble that could appear afterwards - again, the installer would not help you repairing such scenario if it breaks for any reason.

Another option should be grub2, which should be able to handle all this on it's own. But as many others, I have never seen it on other than x86 platform. Because of this lack of experience, I would again recommend to fidle most of it yourself to realy know your environment and be able to fix it because you would know how it was constructed.


On 04/02/2012 02:11 PM, Niels S. Eliasen wrote:
is'nt possible to get yaboot to boot regardless of what disk is available ?

Den 02/04/2012 kl. 14.07 skrev Raf Czlonka:

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 12:14:38PM BST, Niels S. Eliasen wrote:
hi guys
I am looking for some howto on using/doing a setup of a raid 1 on a PPC ....
Anyone ?

Any mdadm one should apply.
Your /boot might need to be outside of RAID though. AFAIK yaboot doesn't
support booting of md RAID and I haven't tried GRUB on PPC.


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