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Can't read or boot from Squeeze 6.0.4 [ppc] disk 1 on Original iMac

Hey all, 
I'm having some trouble getting Debian Squeeze installed on my old original 
iMac, which is one of the first "Bondi" blue ones ... from what your install 
guide says, it should be supported; plus I know it's not the disks though, 
because the OpenSuSE box I burnt them on can read them, and they were verified 
as 100% correct by K3B after I made the disks.  I also tried getting the disk to 
boot from Open Firmware, but to no avail. 
Considering this, the only thing I can figure is that it must have something to 
do with the bios it has, especially after what I've read from the following site 
on getting OS-X (tiger) running on these antiques: 
Anyway, the currently installed Mac OS 8.6's Apple System Profiler reports the 
CPU to be a 333MHz PowerMac G3, the Boot ROM Version as 3.0.f3, and the Mac OS 
ROM File Version as 1.6.  So ... can someone tell me what I might do to get 
Squeeze on here, if at all possible minus having to flash the firmware?

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