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Re: Remove memory DLPAR operation fails for Debian 6.0.3 on IBM Power6 and Power7 Systems

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 11:15 PM, Frank Fegert <fra.nospam.nk@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 01:14:12PM +0100, nello martuscielli wrote:
>> why don't you directly build them from sources?
>> I cannot test drmgr as my old machines don't support it but i'm able
>> to build these utilities on a cruxppc 64bit system
>> thus, i guess, you can do the same.
> well, that was the plan, actually ;-) But before building them from
> scratch i wanted to elimniate that praticular source of errors and
> try to get things working with the prebuild packages supplied by IBM.
> I suspected those to be known to work, even if its on RHEL or SuSE.
> Also, not all packages have an the sources available. I found up to
> date sources for:
>  servicelog-1.1.9
>  libservicelog-1.1.11
>  powerpc-utils-1.2.12
>  ppc64-diag-2.4.2
>  libvpd-2.1.3
>  lsvpd-1.6.11

you could also compare with CRUX PPC build options as it's source based:

> Only an older source for:
>  librtas-1.3.4 (IBMs RPM is at 1.3.6)

here the latest one:

> And no sources for:
>  devices.chrp.base.ServiceRM-
>  DynamicRM-1.3.9
>  rsct.core-
>  rsct.core.utils-
>  src-
> If you know where to get the sources for the latter packages, please
> do let me know! Still, i suspect these are only available within IBM.

i agree, these are ibm closed sources management applications:

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