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Re: Strange bind crash on PPC G5 PowerMac running Squeeze plus 2.6.39 backports kernel

On 12/12/11 15:15, Frédéric Massot wrote:


There is currently a vulnerability in Bind9, which makes it crash. You
may be in this case.


Hi Frédéric,

That was one of my thoughts, but with an unstripped executable it should be possible to determine a function name or similar for a userspace crash.

After some more investigation, I did find the contents of /proc/modules interesting:

root@cheeseburger:~# cat /proc/modules
snd_page_alloc 9929 1 snd_pcm, Live 0xd000000001fbf000
ath5k 162739 0 - Live 0xd000000001f83000
ath 20320 1 ath5k, Live 0xd000000001f3c00

Now I don't know much about the PPC architecture, but comparing with frame 0 of the backtrace at 0x1f8c1d7c the addresses look similar enough to imply perhaps the issue lies within ath5k somewhere (which is the kernel module for the wireless network card).

I think my next move will be to figure out how to build an unstripped PPC kernel from backports and then raise a bug report with a suitable backtrace for the ath5k people.

Many thanks,


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