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Re: Question about compatibility...

Hmm, interesting. http://mac.linux.be/files/xorg/powerbook4.txt
appears to be for exactly the model I'd like to get, the 1.5GHz 12"
Powerbook, using nouveau. (It seems it supports all the way down to
monochrome colordepth!?!?) Can anybody confirm whether this works or
not? I'd assume it must, if they bothered to put it there...

On 10/7/11, Jeroen Diederen <jjhdiederen@zonnet.nl> wrote:
> Have a look here, you will lots of xorg.conf files I collected over the
> years. What I found out is that nouveau does not work well, but the old
> nv driver works fine for nvidia cards:
> http://mac.linux.be/content/xorgconf-files
> Op 7/10/2011 schreef "John Ames" <commodorejohn@gmail.com>:
>>On 10/6/11, Brian Morris <cymraegish@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> if you get the 15", make sure it has the full RAM in case you want it
>>> someday. I have one with the common defect of the bad 2nd slot.
>>Oh, naturally. I had both a 1GB DDR stick (for the 12") and 2x 1GB
>>DDR2 sticks (for the 15") on hand anyway, so whichever I get I'll be
>>able to max it right out.
>>> My main gripe besides the RAM issue is the hard drive
>>> replacement is difficult.
>>Yep, it's not as bad to get into as some laptops I've seen, but it
>>certainly would've been decent of them to give it a proper access slot
>>:/ I have a high-capacity drive, I plan on replacing it once and then
>>never opening it again.
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