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Re: [Debootloaders-yaboot] Bug#636269:

On Aug 11, 2011, at 2:25 AM, Elimar Riesebieter wrote:

* Milan Kupcevic [110806 08:45 -0400]:

This problem is PowerMac specific. We have to compile in pata-macio
(libata) instead of ide-pmac (deprecated ide) driver into kernel.

Yaboot has to be fixed first to support pata-macio.

1.3.16-3 works fine for me. I am running pata-macio.


I assume you are using an "own-compiled" kernel? And by "1.3.16-3" I assume you mean the latest yaboot?

Sadly, that doesn't work for all of us. In particular, unless I have the expertise and time to build a private installer CD with my own- compiled kernel, I can't install on a new machine.

Does anybody know what's holding up getting this fix into the main- line Debian PowerPC kernels?



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