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Powerbook G3 wheezy upgrade udevd error #02

Hi Risto,

Many thanks for your help.

# dpkg -l udev

dpkg not found on install CD environment, whoever:

# /sbin/udevd --version

shows udev = 171 for both CD & hd chroot

which is what's so baffling as latest Wheezy install cd boots OK, even chroot into hd installed system. But booting directly into hd system causes

'udevd [42]: unable to receive ctrl connection: Function not implemented'


# apt-get install udev=170-1

Doesn't work. udev 170-1 was previous install & worked OK, however it's no longer available in the apt repositories. Also I autocleaned apt archives upon what I thought was a successful update, so downgrade option to udev 170-1 looks off the list. Only options appear tobe a downgrade to Lenny or re-install.

Up until this problem Lenny & then Wheezy run OK on my Lombard. Used to have the occasional keyboard or touchpad freeze up on LXDE for about 10-15 seconds. However I normally run in console mode, ie gdm autostart disabled.

hald is installed but not sure if I have udisks-daemon running.

Trust this helps.
Kind regards,


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Subject: Re: Powerbook G3 wheezy upgrade udevd error

You could check the udev version on the CD:

dpkg -l udev

And then upgrade (or downgrade) the package from within chroot:

apt-get install udev=<version>

BTW, you haven't been running earlier versions of Debian on your
Lombard? I'm asking, because I have big problems on my Lombard: if I
have either hald or udisks-daemon running, the computer practically
stops after some minutes. This applies to both Lenny and Squeeze.


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