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debian-ppc port for ps3-otheros++


I am contacting you guys on behalf of http://gitbrew.org.  We have recently released the otherOS++ firmware for the Sony Playstation 3, allowing the install of third-party OSes on the PS3 once again.  We currently have Debian-PPC running on otherOS++ with full access to RSX/SPE's, and would like to know if you would like to collaborate with us on an official Debian port.  Documentation on the current method of installing Debian can be found at http://wiki.gitbrew.org/index.php/PS3:Linux#Debian and information on PS3:OtherOS++ can be found at http://wiki.gitbrew.org/index.php/PS3:OtherOS++.  Thank you for your time.  I look forward to hearing from someone.  Our developers can be reached either by emailing me at durandal@gitbrew.org or by joining irc.gitbrew.org port 6697 (SSL) and joining #otheros.

gitbrew.org admin

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