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How to install on Power Mac G5 from USB stick

I've got a Power Mac I'd like to run Debian on, but while the install
files are easy enough to find, I've been having a devil of a time
figuring out how I'm supposed to boot the thing from USB. There are
several articles on booting New World Macs from USB that Google turns
up, but they seem very cursory and specific to the author's particular
machine, and as such aren't a whole lot of help. What I'm trying to
figure out is:

A. What exactly I need to do to get a suitable boot filesystem written
to my USB stick. It's a spare, so I'm not worried about destroying it,
but simply writing the powerpc64 netboot ISO doesn't seem to work,
unless I'm screwing up on step...
B. How to actually boot the thing from Open Firmware. I can find the
device path it assigns to the USB stick, but when I attempt to boot
it, it goes to a "no" sign on a grey screen and sits there until I

It's getting a little frustrating trying to figure out what I'm
missing - can anybody help me out with this, or just point me to a
place where I can find some clear, comprehensive instructions?

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