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install of squeeze fails on IBM Power 740 express


Unfortunately I can't install Debian on a IBM Power 740 express server.
The squeeze d-i can't complete the installation of busybox as it claims.
Changing to a shell chroot into /target and install it by hand works fine.

Watching the logs, it shows that the installer did install busybox:

Feb 25 09:14:08 in-target: The following NEW packages will be installed:
Feb 25 09:14:08 in-target:   busybox
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: 0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove
and 0 not upgraded.
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: Need to get 0 B/350 kB of archives.
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: After this operation, 655 kB of additional
disk space will be used.
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: Selecting previously deselected package busybox.
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: (Reading database ...
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: 10425 files and directories currently installed.)
Feb 25 09:14:11 in-target: Unpacking busybox (from
.../busybox_1.17.1-8_powerpc.deb) ...
Feb 25 09:14:12 in-target: Processing triggers for man-db ...
Feb 25 09:14:12 in-target: Setting up busybox (1:1.17.1-8) ...
Feb 25 09:14:13 in-target: Reading package lists...

But further down, there is an error:

Feb 25 09:25:48 in-target: Unexpected error; command not executed: 'sh
-c debconf-apt-progress --no-progress --logstderr -- 	apt-get -q -y
--no-remove install busybox'
Feb 25 09:25:48 base-installer: error: exiting on error
Feb 25 09:26:03 main-menu[24354]: WARNING **: Configuring
'bootstrap-base' failed with error code 1
Feb 25 09:26:03 main-menu[24354]: WARNING **: Menu item 'bootstrap-base'

The installer doesn't want to continue, retrying the operation doesn't
help, reformatting neither.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards, Adrian.

  ETH Zürich
  Adrian Zaugg, HIL F 51.3
  Institut für Verkehrsplanung
  und Transportsysteme
  CH-8093 Zürich
  +41 44 633 37 93

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