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Re: Yaboot

Hi Joseph,

Le lundi 14 février 2011 à 09:04 -0500, Joseph Jezak a écrit : 
> I've finally gotten around to patching the existing ofpath as requested
> here. If I could get some testing, that would be greatly appreciated!
> I've attached the whole ofpath program here. The patch against the
> yaboot git head can be found on the yaboot mailing list.

It's unfortunate you didn't follow the lastest discussions on this
matter, but Milan Kupcevic's patch, which has the same purpose as your
ofpath replacement, has been integrated into Squeeze.

You may have been misguided by Milan's lack of communication here, but
I'll let you deal with him and Aurélien Gérôme about how this problem
was handled (IMHO: not the best way)

Regards and thanks for your efforts anyway,

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