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Re: Anybody know how to netboot Debian on a PowerMac?

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 8:36 AM, Gary Driggs <gdriggs@gmail.com> wrote:
There isnt anything posted to the files section of the sourceforge project yet but this sounds promising; http://goo.gl/TtBlV


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Oh don't worry about a replacement to GE, we have someone who grabbed the source code before Oracle took it down. Also I've been following Univa picking up the project and I remember seeing a press release saying that they would have their own version of the source code release by the end of 1st Q 2011 or beginning of 2nd. So with me busy with classes and studying right now, were happy to have this project on the back burner and to wait and see what comes out of Univa.

Also heres a good sight to keep up on what's going on http://gridengine.info/.


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