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Anybody know how to netboot Debian on a PowerMac?

I'd like to setup a PowerMac to run diskless. (I know, disks are cheap -- this is just for fun. Also, it's a dry-run for a non-powerPC system that really does need to run diskless that I have been asked to set up for Work.)

I know I'll need to provide a dhcp and tftp server (I'm planning on using dnsmasq for both), and I'll have to boot via Open Firmware. But the details are a mystery to me.


1) What files do I need to put in the tftp directory?

2) What options do I need to specify in the DHCP reply?

3) Can I do an install completely over the network -- no CD? Same questions as (1) & (2) for the install.

4) What exactly do I need to type at the Open Firmware prompt in order to get the process started?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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