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Re: Unofficial Squeeze NetInst CDs: call for testers

Ubuntu although "community supported" works well. At least, I have installed 10.0LTS on a couple ancient G3 powermacs with LXDE desktop from server install cd.  The reason I did is because wifi support was broke on the laptop in Debian Lenny but worked in Ubuntu. I know Ubuntu is sort of the consumer version of Debian but I think in some cases it is more polished and that Ubuntu-Debian cooperation has been fruitful in the past and should continue. After all, supporting the forks is in Debian constitution...

My main gripe as I have said before here is that there are no G4-Altivec optimized binary packages Debian based to be found anywhere. Since my own (limited to a few apps) tests have shown speed ups of 2-3 times and has improved over the last couple years by about 50%...
2010/12/18 Aurélien GÉRÔME <ag@debian.org>
On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 09:01:12PM +0100, nello martuscielli wrote:
> only Debian and Gentoo, are you sure?

Yeah, and YDL and probably many more, eventhough I doubt they also
support 10 other architectures.  Sorry if I hurt someone's feelings,
but I only think "mainstream" distros.

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