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Re: Unofficial Squeeze NetInst CDs: call for testers

Hi Benjamin,

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 08:14:48AM +0100, Benjamin Cama wrote:
> Very nice to have an almost official iso!


> Le mardi 14 décembre 2010 à 04:22 +0100, Aurélien GÉRÔME a écrit :
> >   * yaboot-installer_1.1.19;
> Does this include the amiga partition map renumbering fix? (I'm just
> making sure you noticed it)

AFAIK, there is no such patch in yaboot-installer.  Is there a bug
filed in the BTS?

> Don't know what they're for. Oh, well…
> >   * os-prober_1.42;

It is used by bootloader installers to detect other OSes available
on a system.

> >   * rootskel_1.93.

It is the skeleton root filesystem used by debian-installer.

> I tested the 1.3.16 one and report a successful install on a
> Powerbook6,8! Thanks for your work.

OK, thanks.

> BTW, does anyone sometime have a "black screen" problem during install
> (particularly when I'm idle), i.e. backlight goes off and there's no way
> of getting it back on? I'm asking because my powerbook also seems to
> have hardware difficulties power-wise (look like it's going off when
> it's pumping too much current; it can't charge anymore while being on,
> etc) and I wondered if it was a software issue.

I do not have any backlight resume problem on my AlBook G4.  I would
say your best shot is to try the last known working kernel related to
that matter on your machine and successively upgrade to more recent
kernels until you hit the one failing.  Then you can file a bug on
Linux kernel upstream with the precise kernel version or even with
the GIT commit if you investigate further...

> I didn't follow that thread. Nice to know it's going forward, but I'll
> have to add something regarding Milan's work on sysfs-enabled ofpath:
> your work is great on this Milan, but is far more intrusive than the
> 1.3.16 upgrade, and as I see people more scared of the 1.3.16 transition
> as your patched 1.3.13a version, I'm a bit puzzled.

Well, if you carefully look, 1.3.16 contains some really superfluous
stuff, for a lot of users to my mind, like the "bootonce" stuff which
was also broken at one point.  However, it is true that most changes
in the C code are harmless.

> Basically, you wiped away all the old SCSI/SATA detection code. It
> didn't work anymore because of /proc/scsi missing, but still, this is
> quite a change! Furthermore, you didn't push it upstream, and you wanted
> an upload without communicating with anyone here.

I am not sure upstream will ever want to include those changes, since
so far it seems fine for them to rely on the deprecated /proc/scsi
interface.  Eventually, it will hit them hard as it did for us and
Debian patch (Milan's) will be there to use.

Basically, Yaboot upstream maintainers are IBM folks.  Knowning that,
take into account that IBM pSeries only come with official RedHat
support and that RedHat no longer cares about any other machines
than pSeries (for reference, see the dropped hfsutils support or
the patch with the 256MiB allocated via OF to boot Linux), then you
now get that the only remaining distros officially to support "all"
Linux/PowerPC machines are Debian and Gentoo.

> And the way you introduced it in your answer to Aurélien was
> (to me) not the best one.

I agree, simply dropping my email address in the Cc field would have
got me in the loop, but I hold no hard feelings there, I am very past
that point nowadays...

> OTOH, Aurélien, your lack of presence, to say the least, during the
> previous years didn't help.

True, unfortunately, some events in life do not let you choose.

> But it'd be very nice if you two could work together to get Milan's
> patch into 1.3.16 so that we get best of both words for squeeze. And I
> think everyone here would support any special request to get it accepted
> into squeeze, if there's people from release team wondering what's going
> on with this sudden version change.

Milan and I can work together, please feel no worries there.
I also think 1.3.16 should go into Squeeze, as it has no regression
on PowerMacs, which are the majority of machines for Debian users,
and as it is the only one which boots Linux on some pSeries, such as
Xavier's Power6.

 .''`.   Aurélien GÉRÔME
: :'  :
`. `'`   Debian Developer
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