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Re: Yaboot

Excerpts from Benjamin Cama's message of Mon Nov 29 15:29:10 +0100 2010:
> Hi,
> Le samedi 27 novembre 2010 à 13:22 +0100, Jeroen Diederen a écrit :
> > What about yaboot? Does anyone have any update on this ongoing problem?
> > There was some activity a while ago but it vanished after a few weeks. I
> > have the idea that we won't have yaboot when Squeeze gets released. Any
> > news on the debian-installer team with respect to this?
> About my work, I didn't have the time nor motivation to integrate Joseph
> Jezak work on sysfs enhanced ofpath. This needs some work, and as we had
> no news from either the yaboot maintainer, the d-i team nor the
> release-team (to know if this work is worth it if we can get it uploaded
> for squeeze), I don't know if we'll ever see a new yaboot version in
> Debian.


Sorry, but that's not the way Free Software works. Don't wait for
others to tell you what to do, show us the code!

And what you say is even not true. I already said that I will happily
sponsor a yaboot upload if it fixes reported RC bugs. This is equally
valid for all the other relevant packages. Also the release team will
generally approve uploads that fix RC bugs. They want to release
Debian after all. 


Milan Kupcevic sent me a yaboot package for review today. I'll look
into it tomorrow. So your assumption that there is nothing going on is
simply wrong.

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Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
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