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Re: Debugging yaboot issues (was: Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - experimental installer)

I tried the Zsombor's iso of 12.10.2010 on a PowerBook G3, it installed.
I rebooted and came into yaboot 1.3.16. I selected "Linux" and it

Please wait, loading kernel...
   Elf64 kernel loaded...
Loading ramdisk...
ramdisk loaded at 01500000, size> 10044 Kbytes

DEFAULT CATCH!, code=700 at   @SRR0: 00c082e0   @SSR1: 0083030

Then I tried in OF to boot again:
boot load-size=b24 adler32=8d4cd249

parsing <CHRP-BOOT>

evaluating <BOOT-SCRIPT>
method <set-colors> not found; ihandle=ff894340
DEFAULT CATCH!, code=fffffff6 ay @SRR0: ff80cdf4  @SSR1: 0000b030

Don't know what to do next.


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