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Re: Re: Debugging yaboot issues (was: Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - experimenta

Hello all,

2010.10.13. 23:53 Gary <gdriggs@gmail.com>:
> Does ofpath need updated in the yaboot-installer package? I tried your
> latest image and get the same error. You can read my debug logs here:
> http://ftp.extensis.com/ppc/logs/

Probably, as I think Yaboot cannot determine the device:
> yaboot-installer: ofpath: /proc/scsi/scsi does not exist
> yaboot-installer: ofpath: Make sure you compiled your kernel with CONFIG_SCSI_PROC_FS=y

And making custom kernel is not preferred.

Please dont hesitate to get back to me when new package(s) can be tested.

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