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Re: Debugging yaboot issues (was: Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - experimental in

Hello all

Thanks Benjamin,

2010.10.11. 0:21 Benjamin Cama <benoar@free.fr>:
> any nobody else will want to help us if we don't try to do things in a
> more organized way. We already had no help from the d-i team about this
> new yaboot release, let's hope that by making things the "right way"
> we'll get more help.

OK, so it's time to calm down.

> Le dimanche 10 octobre 2010 à 12:42 +0200, Zsombor a écrit :
> > * official 64-bit kernel replaced by a custom kernel [linux-image-2.6.32zsexp01]
> >   with CONFIG_SCSI_PROC_FS=y  
> Don't do that. That /may/ work but it's not the right way to do that and

Clear. I will revert to the first version of the installer that contains official kernels only.

> > + added ehea nic module (for 64bit di-kernel only)
> A specific bug report should be opened to track that: Xavier, could you
> do that ? The problem is that it happens on a custom image you made
> Zsombor, and I'm not sure anyone will accept it as a valid BR.

The module was not included in the official installer-kernel so I added a new udeb to this ISO.

2010.10.11. 9:41 Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org>:
> (...)
> - create a local (partial) mirror wich contains your modified package
>  and install from there. This is quite some work to set up, but the
>  most flexible.

This is what I did, using simple-cdd. Only Yaboot package was replaced, I left yaboot-installer as-is.
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