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Re: Help me, please.

On 05/10/10 17:18, Super Bisquit wrote:
   You need to look for booting "old-world" macs.
On 10/5/10, Фанур Магафуров<magfan_fan@mail.ru>  wrote:
Hello. To you writes to a despair the letter the teacher of computer science
of Beloretsky lycée-boarding school, Magafurov Fanur Fanovich. Help me to
establish a stable operating system on my school computers Power Macintosh
G3 (1996 of release - beige). My independent search and installation in what
have not resulted. While on Power Macintosh G3 costs (that's it costs Mac OS
8.1, instead of works, because is not present more modern opened ON: OS
Linux Debian, programs of a drawing, office, programming language Free
Pascal and Lazarus). It would be desirable for me at once ready image (type
boot.img) loading diskettes that I could unload it by means of Disk Copy
6.3.3 on pure дискетку and a full reference on a gallop of an image of an
adjusting disk. To appointment of all to you of the best. Help me, please.

I put together a webpage some years ago after installing debian on a "nubus" mac 8100/80. It is out of date but may help:

and I googled on "beige g3 old world mac debian" and found this:




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