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Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - report installation PowerMac G5


Le vendredi 01 octobre 2010 à 05:59 -0300, Gunther Furtado a écrit :
> Em 30Set2010 (quinta), Tiresia Giuno <tiresiag@googlemail.com> disse:
> > After that I ran yabootconfig. It creates a yaboot.conf but it stops
> > immediately without running mkofboot. Last massage:
> > 'yabootconfig: yaboot is not installed correctly, not running
> > mkofboot'
> > 
> same here!

As said earlier, will be fixed.

> the newly generated yaboot.conf uses the old terminology:

Yes, as always. The transition to labels/UUID is only done by
linux-base, once. I didn't change yabootconfig in this regard.

Thanks for your report.


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