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Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - report installation PowerMac G5


Le jeudi 30 septembre 2010 à 22:29 +0200, Tiresia Giuno a écrit :
> I let just the package installer installing yaboot. After that I ran
> ofpath and it detected correctly my two SATA Drivers.

Nice to know it works on SATA. Did the previous version (1.3.13a) work
too ?

> After that I ran yabootconfig. It creates a yaboot.conf but it stops
> immediately without running mkofboot. Last massage:
> 'yabootconfig: yaboot is not installed correctly, not running mkofboot'

Oops, actually mkofboot is linking to a wrong path. I will fix that.
Thanks for pointing it out.

> Checking the generated yaboot.conf shows that it fails to detect the
> old kernel (no image=/boot/vmlinux.old section) and the MacOSX system.

Well, I think yabootconfig is actually not supposed to detect that. It's
done by the debian-installer scripts (comprising yaboot-installer).

> Then I ran 'ybin -v' that installed correctly the new generated
> yaboot.conf. As expected, the first yaboot prompt doesn't show any
> x option (for MacOSX)
> I resumed my old yaboot.conf running again 'ybin -v' - which worked
> correctly.
> Ok, I think it's all. Let me know, if I can help further

Thanks for your report, It's enough for now, I think.

> I would like also to try to build myself an installer with this new
> patched yaboot - not sure that I have enough time right now...

We got no answer from the installer team regarding an easy way to test
it, so if someone feels like building a custom installer, let us know.


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