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Re: Taking over maintainance of yaboot ?


Le lundi 20 septembre 2010 à 11:42 -0400, Milan Kupcevic a écrit :
> Debian is frozen for the Squeeze release. Suddenly updated packages to
> the latest upstream version will not make it into the Squeeze.[1]

Yes, it's sad it only happens now, but I think yaboot is a very
particular case: it has not been updated in 4 years (!!) despite some
worrying bug reports, but today we have an active upstream, an awaken
maintainer and a "lot" of testers willing to try it. This has not
appeared in years here, and I think won't ever happen again. I think
this is a rare opportunity to update yaboot to a better working version.

> Therefore, we should focus on RC bug-fixing only. More radical changes
> have to wait until the Squeeze gets released.

We have 2 bugs that qualify for RC and that are related to the current
concerns: #589701 and #572869. If these are not fixed, debian-ppc will
be uninstalable (and un-upgradable) on many machines. This port already
has enough problems on top of that.

I think we /could/ try to only fix these two, but if we do that and are
not able to at least push a more recent revision just after squeeze
release (is it possible if it's just a revision upgrade ?) we won't find
anyone left here to do the upgrade later.

It's not like upgrading from 1.3.13 to 1.3.17 + bugfixes is a big
change: I think the people upstream are very conservative in that yaboot
is a software for "dead" machines desktop-wise and for big stable
machines server-wise.

I'd like to make an exception for it. I Cc'ed Aurélien Gérôme, the
current "active" maintainer: do you agree with me about the exception ?
I am currently looking at how to merge upstream with debian fixes
(looking at Rogério's branch too) plus integrating patches sent here by
Rick and Joseph (which doesn't seem to be included upstream BTW).


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