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#580455 yabootconfig does the correct thing, your yaboot.conf must be modified by something else


I just found by looking around that yabootconfig, the script used by the
yaboot package (very important distinction) to generate /etc/yaboot.conf
actually _knows_ how to handle LABEL and UUID; see
http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debootloaders/trunk/yaboot/ybin/yabootconfig . Furthermore, the yaboot package didn't change in 4 years, so everything is "correct" in yaboot !

But, as we recently saw again on the debian-ppc ML (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2010/09/msg00013.html ) _some_
script from _some other_ package does modify /etc/yaboot.conf ! And add
spaces (very wrong) and does not interpret labels/uuids. The only other
script I know that generates yaboot.conf is the postinst one in the
yaboot-installer udeb (from the debian-installer) but I don't see how it
could add spaces, looking at its code.

So, that's now 3 people including you that stumble upon this, but this
doesn't come from yaboot. So, could you please join the _full_ yaboot te
see if the program that generates it leaves some traces, and please tell
if you think you have any particular package installed that could affect
that. I Cc the list, too, in case someone could look at that.


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