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Re: (Debian powerpcspe install

* Sergei Poselenov | 2010-09-18 14:27:40 [+0400]:

>Hello again, Sebastian,

>A question regarding the Debian installation to e500 system:
>As I understand, standard Debian powerpc won't work on e500 because of
>"lwsync" problem, right?
Right. Every C++ program will throw SIGILL because libstdc++ uses this
opcode in one of its init functions.
I've seen core documentation which says that they have a bit in the HID1
register of the CPU to enable lwsync and don't threat it as an invalid
opcode. However I haven't find a CPU which implements this bit i.e. the
CPU's reference manual treats this bit as reserved.

>Here are the instructions on how to boot you e500 machine:
>edit etc/apt/sources.list and enter a mirror from here which is close to you.
>the password for root is root
>Should I proceed with apt-get after boot?
Yes. You can boot into the minimal environment and install packages you
need with apt-get.

>Will it load the complete Debian, with toolchain?
you can execute
 apt-get install build-essential

and this will install gcc & binutils.

>Thanks in advance, 


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