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Re: Taking over maintainance of yaboot ?


I'm also interested in a well-maintained PPC port because I have some
Power machines (IBM, Bull) and I dont want to waste them. My dream is
to have an official installer with grub2, I very miss its features at
First of all, Im thinking about how to find a place for discussion.

With regards,

2010/9/16 Benjamin Cama <benoar@free.fr>:
> Hi,
> I am trying to exactly understand the bugs that currently affect the
> Debian PPC port and particularly yaboot. There are many bugs around it,
> but even before trying to fix them, we should check if it's even
> possible to get them applied ! And as we saw (a lot due to Rick Thomas
> work) yaboot is currently unmaintained and as been so for a very long
> time (see http://packages.qa.debian.org/y/yaboot.html ). I am Cc'ing
> Aurélien Gérôme just in case, but without much hope, and Sven Luther has
> left for a long time.
> The problem is : who could take yaboot over ? There are no DD that I
> know of in the debian-ppc community and yaboot is quite arch-specific.
> Furthermore, I am not very familiar with how such a take-over could take
> place : I've had a look at
> http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/beyond-pkging.html#mia-qa
> and I am planning to write to mia@qa.debian.org, but help on gathering
> information is welcome. I am also wondering if a NMU could be possible.
> Then, updating yaboot to the latest known active development branch
> (http://yaboot.ozlabs.org/ ) would help a lot our port to stay alive, as
> many have noted that Debian on PPC looks a bit dead from "outside".
> Another problem is that a lot of information is lost because this
> mailing-list is one of the "last" place to get information about Linux
> on PPC for desktop users but digging in the archives is no always easy.
> I think we should try to gather information on the wiki :
> http://wiki.debian.org/PowerPC
> If anyone want to help have a correct PPC port for Squeeze, please
> join !
> Regards,
> benjamin
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