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Re: Re: About the FreeScale e500 series processor

I am very thankful for your help :)
Did you means that the powerpcspe unoffical port only transplant the packages instead of building a complete release edition? I must find a kernel by myself? If so, could you tell me how to install debian on my board?
I am very sorry that I am not familiar with this port and its goal. :(


From:Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
Send Date:2010-09-16 04:36:07
Subject:Re: About the FreeScale e500 series processor

* Bear | 2010-09-15 21:02:21 [+0800]:


>thx for your answers!!!
no problem.

>It looks like there no a special mailling list for this port(PowerPCSPEPort) and it looks like a non-offical supported architecture. Is  there any downloads available?

arm/armel share the same mailinglist and mips/mipsel do as well so we
decided to stay here as long as we are welcome.

You can debootstrap it by yourself but it is tricky right now. It is
probably easier to get it from [0]. Please say how it worked out or if
you need additional packages for easier working. This should end up in
wiki soon :)

>If this port is stable enough(Less kernel panic, support most software such iscdhcpd, bind and so on), I think I can use this as the OS of my product and I can also contribute some code if I can. :)

According to [1] the dhcpd is built for powerpcspe. We don't ship
kernel/u-boot right now. Most kernels have their extra hacks which are
not part of mainline but I might upload a kernel which supports the
boads in kernel.

[0] http://download.breakpoint.cc/debian/powerpcspe-debootstrap-root.tar.bz2
[1] http://packages.debian.org/sid/isc-dhcp-server


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