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Re: About the FreeScale e500 series processor

   Hi Bear.

   I have been running Debian for years on the following embedded PowerPCs:

   MPC60x (rather old)

The MPC8540 has an e500 Version1 core, which is compatible with older PowerPCs, at the condition that FP instructions are emulated in the kernel, because it does not implement FP instructions.

But e500v1 is now obsolete and e500v2 features a full set of instructions which are incompatible with older cores: FP instructions but not only, and some other instructions have been removed and are not emulated in the kernel (at least up to 2.6.34). Hence the need for a port to powerpc-linux-gnuspe. BTW, why not powerpcspe-linux-gnu?

I am now running this Debian/Lenny port on MPC8548E (e500v2). Big thanks to the people who are working on the port:

Bear a écrit :
I wanna build a network device with FreeScale MPC8533E PowerQUICC III Processor chipset. But I dont know if the powerpc edition of debian can run on it or not. Is there anyone who can tell me the answer? Or, if the powerpc edition of debian is only for Apple's powerpc processor? And also, is there any FreeScale's processor can run debian-powerpc? thx!


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