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Re: radeon crashes with radeonfb - system locked

Am Dienstag 14 September 2010, 19:58:28 schrieb Elimar Riesebieter:
> * drz [100914 19:25 +0200]:
> Now Im using radeonfb:
> # cat /proc/fb
> 0 radeondrmfb

>This is the kms framebuffer not radeonfb.
> 1 OFfb ATY,Jasper
> Do you need that? Why?
How do I get rid of that, I dont know how it got there???!!!

All I did was changing that append= line in yaboot.conf ...

Im just trying to get the video card working. Before I added that append 
option I had problems watching videos... I had those vertical stripes in the 
Now I have those crashes... and this ATY, Jasper stuff ;) 

Since xorg.conf was modified to self-detecting and kms was implemented I dont 
have any more idea, how to get the videocard to work properly.

Where can I change things? Which files are relevant?
Which append lines in yaboot.conf are default for this powerbook?

please help

> To disable kms you have to do that in
> /etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf by stting "options radeon modeset=0"
> The corresponding yaboot append should be
> append="root=/dev/mapper/hda4_crypt" then.
> Elimar

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