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hang on MPC885


I'm regularly using debootstrapped rootfs'es on ARM. Now I've tried to
debootstrap --arch=powerpc --foreign lenny lenny
http://medeu:9999/debian, and it hangs on running init. An
Angstrom-based rootfs works. Chrooting into the Lenny rootfs reveals
that e.g. bash and echo work, but not ls, tar or touch (they just hang
till Ctrl-C). perl crashes with SIGSEGV. Similar behavior with Etch
(also, e.g. mv complains about memory being exhausted). Copying working
tools and libs from Angstrom works from Lenny, but not from Etch.
Stracing tar reveals that it is hanging somewhere after brk(2). There
are at least two reports about similar issues in the archives, with no
solution. Any idea what the problem is? If not, could anyone post
straces of working ls, tar?

Thanks in advance,
Baurzhan Ismagulov

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