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Can't install acpi-support (no acpi-fakekey for PPC)

I'm trying to get squeeze working on a PowerBook G4.  I installed a
basic system from a 5.0.4 netinst CD, upgraded to squeeze, and now I'm
adding the packages I actually need.  Near the top of my list is
suspend/hibernate/power management stuff.  I just want to be able to
put the laptop to sleep.

It looks like the package I want is acpi-support, but it depends on
acpi-fakekey, which is apparently not built for powerpc.  See:


acpi-support is for all architectures, but acpi-fakekey only has
binary builds for amd64, i386, and ia64. What's up with that?  Is
acpi-support the wrong thing to install?

Thanks --


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