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Re: I do NOT support this list

* Martin Zobel-Helas | 2010-05-07 10:16:01 [+0200]:


>> >I hope i was verbose enough. If not, please speak up.
>> I though it would be better not to bother the powerpc mailing list
>> especially in the early stage and since we not an offical port.
>> However if you disagree so be it. So lets close the bug and we move to
>> the debian-powerpc@d.o list.
>Me disagreeing doesn't automaticaly mean you can't ask for the list. It
>was just my 2?.

That is okay. Could anyone of the powerpc mailing list please speak up?
The question is whether the new powerpcspe [0] port should become its
own mailing list or should squeeze in in debian-powerpc@d.o.

Any opinions from onyone? Maybe the porter themself, users?

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/PowerPCSPEPort



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