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Re: Partition and Boot loader for Squeeze on G4


Le lundi 26 avril 2010 à 13:54 -0400, Rick Thomas a écrit :
> Does yaboot know enough about LVMs and RAIDs to find the kernel and  
> initrd in a root partition that's in a logical volume on a software  
> raid-1?

No, yaboot doesn't know how to do that.

> To be safe, I'd create a real, live, physical root (or at least a / 
> boot -- not the same as the "Apple_Bootstrap") on each of physical  
> disks of the RAID-1, and periodically mirror them from the "active  
> one".  Then if the disk with the active root (or /boot) goes south,  
> you can manually tell yaboot to use one of the mirrors.

I use a separate /boot (ext2) like you describe for my LVM on my G4, and
it works nicely.


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