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Re: Adjust imac G3 monitor?

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:26:13 -0700
Nicholas Chase <nick.nchase21@gmail.com> wrote:

NC> How do I adjust the monitor on my imac?  The screen's really crooked
NC> at the moment.  I was also wondering if anyone has had success
NC> getting Squeeze running on a G3 iMac, particularly an early 2001
NC> model.

I've not tried Squeeze, but I have tried Lenny and several versions of
*buntu (via the community ports) on a late 2001/ early 2002 (IIRC) G3
iBook. I came to the conclusion that the problem is that the screen
doesn't correctly report it's capabilities to the OS. The only way I've
been able to fix it was to boot with an Ubuntu 6.06 live CD (I guess any
live CD of similar vintage should work), save the xorg.conf to a pen
drive, then boot from the disk and copy the xorg.conf to /etc/X11. If
you are an xorg.conf guru it's probably possible to enter the modelines
manually, but I've never figured out how to work them out.

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