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Re: Testers wanted for snd-powermac (PowerMac G4 Digital audio).

I would gladly test the patches if only I could get the boot module to install on the Firewire drive.

On Apr 5, 2010, at 7:34 AM, Risto Suominen wrote:


I just wrote some small patches for ALSA driver snd-powermac. The
changes were addressed for G4 Digital Audio (PowerMac3,4). Possibly
these changes would be needed for other models, too.

The first one:
reverses the interpretation of the headphone detection bit, and it has
been tested on one machine.

The second one:
tries to implement lineout detection. Lineout refers to the small (2.5
mm) Pro Speaker jack. This has not been tested. Is there someone with
access to this combination of hardware? The same Pro Speakers can be
used in all desktop Macs with G4 processor, and were included with
many iMac G4 models.

To test these patches, one opens alsamixer and, plugs in and out
headphone or Pro Speaker, and checks that the mute (MM) controls
follow after. Auto-mute control has to be enabled (OO).

The third one:
adds some debug output, and it has to be enabled manually by editing
the source files, see below.

Probably the best way to test these, is to download ALSA driver source archive:
and apply the patches on it using -p1 (directly on directory sound in
kernel sources -p2 should work).

The installation procedure is outlined here:

To enable the debug output '#undef DEBUG' has to be changed to
'#define DEBUG' in the beginning of alsa-kernel/ppc/tumbler.c and
ppc/tumbler.patch, before saying 'make'.

I'll be pleased to provide more help if needed.


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Frank J. R. Hanstick

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