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Re: Please change this bug to libsdl1.2debian

Rick Thomas wrote:

I own both G3's and G4's running Debian Stable. I can take them down for limited periods (a day or so) to run other versions of Debian.

If someone who knows what he/she's doing can walk me through the steps (I'm an experienced system admin. But I'm not a developer.) I'm willing to do whatever needs to be done to get this bug fixed.

Let me know where to begin...
On the G3 install a SDL app under debian unstable and confirm it crashes as described in the bug report. On the G4 under debian unstable download the debian source for libsdl1.2 (using apt-get source), apply the patch I attatched to my previous mail and build the packages ( with dpkg-buildpackage ), please use a tool like "script" to log the output of the build so that if things fail we can investigate further. Install the packages built on the G4 on the G3 and confirm whether the crash is fixed.

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