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Re: File sharing with Apple Snow Leopard

metamind wrote:
Hi Carlos, I tried this yesterday :D and worked fine for me.  Linux doesn´t come with afp enabled and you need to download all the packages and install it in the right way plus some mods in the extensions. It is a little bit hard to do it, and I tried two times before with no success.  Yesterday I found this tutorial that made my day. The other point is that bonjour is not running in linux and you will need to emulate it with avanhi extesion which works very well.

I built a LInux Debian-Lenny server into my G4 AGP graphics (450Mhz) and I have in my network a iMac 17" Intel (1.8) and MacBook Pro 17" Intel (2.6) and they are working very well, those macs can see the Linux server in the net but there is a problem because you will see the server but you cannot access it.  You will need to go into your finder --> Go ---> Connect to Server... and type your address afp://192.168.1.xxx it will ask you your password and voilà!
I did this before in Ubuntu Hardy-Herom and worked fine from tha finder icon but not in debian just in the way I mentioned before.
I hope this help to you:
You will need to setup your landing afp share folder, even you may setup several landing server according to the user :D

I still cannot use my Apple Remote Desktop to access to the server as I did with ubuntu.  I haven't resolve yet if this is because protocols or because my firewall....  I am still working on it.

Best reagards,

Abraham Soria

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 7:14 AM, Thomas Carlson <tcarlson@sharedcup.com> wrote:
Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or tell me what one has to do to enable AFP file sharing to work between a Debian Lenny fileserver and a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard?  Netatalk is installed and running on the Linux machine but trying to connect to it from the Mac Pro gives me an invalid password error message.

Hi Tom

We run networks using G4s as servers with Mac and Windows clients using samba; it works very well.  There's a howto here:

Can't help with AFP.



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